San Fransisco 2014


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On our second go round we were in San Fran for nearly a week. It was glorious. Sky had never been to California or so far from home (yet!).
We left as few stones unturned as possible. One of my oldest and dearest friends saw fit to be our guide for most of the time. Having been a San Fran dweller for more than 10 years, he showed us the perfect mix through both the front door of tourism and back-door of native life.

We started with an afternoon at the Golden Gate Arboritum and moved on through the week by visiting the Academy of Science which a full afternoon all on it’s own. We fought the wind by walking to the half way point on the Golden Gate Bridge. It was beautiful and crisp outside that day. Jeremy saw fit to take me to Dark Garden Corsetry (where I drooled over everything).


We took a took a day trip through the entirety of China Town where Cory and I drank Chinese beer and Sky ate her weight in pocky. Later on that night we took in a cirque inspired show called “Smoke”, and it was one of the most inspiring performances I’ve ever seen.

We visited the Center for Circus Arts where Jeremy works. He managed to hook us up with the ability to surprise Sky with a flying trapeze lesson which she totally rocked. Jeremy took me out for a night at the this hot little show tune martini bar, but before we hit that we took a walk to view the Bay Bridge at night.

We tried to get in for a tour of Alcatraz, but little did I know those are scheduled months in advance. We strolled through the Mission District. I ran my fingers over all the fabric at Britex. I enjoyed every second of the California air I breathed.

Sky fell in love with San Francisco. I want to take her back there.